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Finecto Horse: protect your horse against ectoparasites!

Finecto Horse: protect your horse against ectoparasites!

You’ve done your best to maintain a wonderful set of mane and tail and suddenly there is nothing left. Also, is your horse stomping and rubbing a lot? It is very likely your horse is infected with unwanted parasites such as mites or lice in his mane and skin. How can you detect if your horse has such an infection? Often we see symptoms like scabs, flakes and sometimes wounds on the legs as well as stumping, rubbing and biting of the legs. Besides, the presence of the parasites can be seen on the coat. You will see countless of small white dots, these are the eggs/nits of the parasites.

What are parasites? 

Parasites are insects which feed on other animals or humans and leave no positive effects. It is at the expense of the host; in this case your horse. The presence of parasites causes al lot of irritation. This causes itchiness and can make the horse rub his mane and tail, with as a result, there won’t remain much of the mane and tail. It is also possible that your horse bites and rubs his legs, this is often the result of mite infection. 

My horse has parasites, what should I do?!

A good and healthy way to get rid of these insects, known as parasites, is Finecto+ Horse. Finecto+ Horse is a powder that can be sprinkled into the horse’s feed. The powder is based on herbs and essential oils, this makes the supplement completely natural and it contains no added sugars. The natural properties of Finecto+ Horse ensure that after ingestion of the supplement, it spreads through the blood and therefore is absorbed in the entire body. The skin of your horse spreads an unpleasant smell which is highly uninviting for parasites such as lice or mites. This provides complete protection in contrast to products which are only used on the outside of the skin. The herbs in Finecto+ Horse allow for optimal intake caused by their pleasant taste. The product is composed in a way that the parasites can’t become immune. This means that the product, as long as you will use it, will always work against the parasites without them creating resistance. 

How does Finecto+ Horse works?

The (for parasites) unappealing smell which is released from the body has a repellent effect. Your horse will be less affected by midges, lice and mites when using Finecto+ Horse. This leads to a calm and healthy horse. Your horse will be able again to focus more on his training, to enjoy that hike in the woods without those nasty midges and to graze on the pasture minus the stumping all day. This all contributes to a happy horse! And we all know, a happy horse leads to better performances, now you can sparkle this summer (with that voluminous mane and tail!). 

Finecto+ Horse, the answer for you and your horse!

This product is 100% natural and contains absolutely no chemicals. It is easy to mix into concentrates and has a complete effect. It can provide relief in horses which suffer from sweet itch and in some cases even diminish this condition. 
Midges emerge when the temperature comes above the 10 degrees Celsius. Sweet itch is caused by the bites of a midge. Don’t wait too long before taking measures against parasites. That is how you avoid irritations on your horse and he will be a lot calmer when in the stable.

Finecto+ Protect environment spray

For extra protection, it is possible to spray the manes, tail and pastern with Finecto Protect. This product is also 100% natural and 
makes the places where you spray unattractive and astringent for mites.

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