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About us

It all started in 2008, when Epplejeck was born over a talk between Jacqueline and Adam at a kitchen table in a small Dutch town. Since then, Epplejeck has grown so much that we can proudly call ourselves the biggest equestrian retailer in the Benelux area. Epplejeck quickly became the new superstore formula in the equestrian industry - super trendy and modern showrooms, combined with a saddlery and other additional services, but even more importantly: a web shop with a huuuge range of products and brands.

Based in the Netherlands, Epplejeck has a perfect location for worldwide shipping. Having our headquarters and warehouse in the middle of Europe makes it super simple for us to receive products from our suppliers and easily and quickly send them over to you, wherever in the world you may be.

Over the years, we’ve grown a lot locally within the Netherlands and currently count 17 stores there. In 2018, we dared our first proper international venture and opened a store in Belgium, too. Our online shop is currently available in 4 languages – including English, aka the one you’re on now :)

The employees of Epplejeck work hard every day to scour the equestrian industry for the newest trends, greatest innovations and best brands. We’re always trying to be one step ahead on the latest fashion so you can be a real trend-setter at your stable. To be able to do so, we offer a giant assortment with over 32.000 products and more 140 brands. 

The brands we stock are both well-known and lesser-known brands, including top brands such as Ariat, Pikeur, Eskadron, LeMieux, Kingsland, KEP Italia, Bucas, Uvex, Horseware, Roeckl, Sprenger, HorZe, or Effol and Effax.
Besides all the brands that you know and love (or don’t yet know, but surely will love), we also have our own store brands: Barato, Epplejeck and Quur.

In order to full satisfy all your shopping needs while keeping your bank account as happy as it can be (we’ve all had our fair share of extensive tack shopping sprees, no shame or judgement here!), we ALWAYS have some discount codes or special deals going on. Whether it’s discounts on a certain brand, 25% off on an article of your choice, a 2+1 deal, a superdeal weekend or loads more, there’s always some amazing deal going on each week.

And of course, we also try to keep you updated on everything we do and everything that’s happening with our newsletters and social media. Never want to miss a deal? Or want make chance of some amazing giveaway prizes? Sign up for our newsletter here to always get the news of our deals and discounts first! Or follow us on social media – Facebook and Instagram – to see our amazing products and weekly giveaways right away!

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