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You definitely don't want to miss these hot, new trends.
Bodywarmer Kingsland Uni
- 50%
€ 129.95 for € 129.95 € 64.98
Sneakers Ariat Fuse SS20
- 30%
NIEUW (zomercollectie 2020)
€ 109.95 for € 109.95 € 76.97
Saddle Pad Eskadron Youngstar Glossy
- 30%
€ 74.95 for € 74.95 € 52.47
Stable Rug Kingsland Classic 400gr
- 40%
€ 199.00 for € 199.00 € 119.95
Rugging season is around the corner!
Comfy, cozy and super clever - the Harry's Horse Highliner rugs!
EJ's Favourite
The best rug for winter time - the Harry's Horse Highliner! Not only does it look super good and comes in many colours, it's also extra comfy for your horse. As the name Highliner says, the rug has a higher neck to make your horse feel as cozy as possible and prevent any chafing or rubbing. For a toasty, stylish horse!
Epplejeck Academy
Learn more about horse care, equipment and newest trends.

Guest Blog PresTeq

Anatomical bridles have seen a rise in the last years, but no bridle has ever been as anatomic as the FaySport from PresTeq. 12 anatomical features to keep your horse as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The absolute must-have for any sensitive horse!
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Guest blog Tech Stirrups

Safety is the number 1 priority, and Tech Stirrups has come up with innovative technology to keep you safe during a fall. Their clever Venice stirrups ensure that your feet can't get stuck and opens up to the side. Super interesting, right?
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