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Are you a horse addict who can't get enough of the latest tips and tricks? On this page you can read everything you need to know about horses, horse care and horse products. Find out the latest trends and musthaves for horse and rider. We have composed the most beautiful inspiration looks and theme shops such as the Pony shop, Frisian shop, Gentlemen's club and Glitter shop.

Guestblog LeMieux by JRS: Which half pad is best for my horse?

The search for the perfect half pad is not always easy. There are lots of optioins, but what does my horse need? What do I need to pay attention to? No worries, we’re here to help make the perfect choice for you and your horse!
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Guestblog Dy'on: a guide through the bridle jungle

Who doesn’t know it? You bought a new horse or already have one in the stable and you’re looking for a new bridle. You’re fighting your way through various online shops, catalogues and equestrian stores, but you can’t see the forest for the trees. There’s an abundance of different brands in different colours with different bridle styles, with or without bling, and even with big price differences – which makes you question, what the different between all of them actually is.
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Guestblog Schockemöhle: testing the Schockemöhle Sports bridles

When we opened the box from Schockemöhle Sports that was delivered to our door, they already made us swoon. We get to test five brand new bridles. These bridles are part of three different series of bridles from Schockemöhle Sports: the Equitus line, the Anatomic line and the Select & Mix. Three different series of bridles with different possibilites and functions.
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Guestblog Pumps en Paarden: These are the trends for the winter

By now, the autumn/winter collection are available in all equestrian stores and online shops. Just like every year, you can find a lot of dark blue and black clothing, but this autumn also brings us a few fun new trend colours: lots of bordeaux and purple tints and lots of prints.
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Guestblog Bucas: Using a neck piece and the Bucas leak test

By now, we've already experienced some rainy autumn days. When it's raining outside, a waterproof rug can protect your horse from getting soaking wet.
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Guestblog Bucas: Help! I'm cold, is my horse cold too?

Many horse owners base whether their horse is cold or warm on their own feeling of warmth/cold as a human. But that's not logical, given that horses are very different to us. Just because you're cold does not mean that your horse is also feeling the same.
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The Roughage Quickscan from Pavo

The main source of horse feed is roughage, which includes grass, hay and haylage. From Shetty, cold-blooded horses to Olympic champions all horses need roughage. The average daily ration of a horse consists of 70 to 100 per cent roughage. The energy, protein and sugar levels are very important factors in horse feed. Do you know the nutritional values of your roughage?
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Sexy hunks and stunning horses in one calendar

Hunky men with sixpacks pose with horses on the Horse and Hunk calendar 2021 for charity.
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Guest blog Sectolin: If your horse needs some extra support

We all know that from time to time our horses could use a little extra help. For example when they lack of energy during shedding season, lack of appetite, after deworming treatment or when they have a general poor health condition. At the stallion Station Van Uytert they also experience this regularly. Besides trying to find out if these horses have real health problems, they immediately give them a dose of vitamins. "It gives them a boost what can offer them just that little bit extra support".
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Equestrian Squad

We're obsessed with these new arrivals and we can't wait to share our Equestrian Squad must-haves. This collection is packed full of new trend heroes, fab fits and sweaters to chill in for all your new season needs. Preppin' for autumn? We've made it super-easy for you to find some sweats you'll love to live in. Are you going to join the Equestrain Squad it-girls?!
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New in stock: Veredus

We have added a new brand to our range of products: Veredus! In the '90s this Italian brand started its innovative line of leg protection for jumping and dressage. Today Veredus is known and appreciated all over the world for the optimal protection of sport horses. No matter your preferred discipline - Jumpers, Eventing, or Dressage – Veredus® has a horse boot designed for your horse.
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Guest blog EcoStyle: Why detoxing is essential for your horse's metabolism

Many horses get a detox in the spring and autumn. Your horse too? A detox is the basis of good metabolism. In this blog, EcoStyle explains why detoxing is important in the spring and autumn and when your horse needs a detox!
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