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Are you a horse addict who can't get enough of the latest tips and tricks? On this page you can read everything you need to know about horses, horse care and horse products. Find out the latest trends and musthaves for horse and rider. We have composed the most beautiful inspiration looks and theme shops such as the Pony shop, Frisian shop, Gentlemen's club and Glitter shop.

Guest blog EcoStyle: Why detoxing is essential for your horse's metabolism

Many horses get a detox in the spring and autumn. Your horse too? A detox is the basis of good metabolism. In this blog, we tell you why detoxing is important in the spring and autumn and when your horse needs a detox!
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Guest blog Pumps en Paarden: Tried 'N Tested – LeMieux Tendon boots Derby Pro

Recently I've tested the LeMieux 'Derby Pro' tendon boots and did some research into these types of boots. You can read all about it in this blog!
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Special F.R.A. week at Epplejeck

F.R.A. stands for Freedom Riding Articles and has several innovative products in its range which are briefly explained here below, including the hoof boots, hoof rasps and various bitless bridles.
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Guest Blog PresTeq: The FaySport bridle

Does your horse have a sensitive head, a sensitive mouth or do you have trouble creating roundness? Do you want to offer your horse the ultimate comfort to perform to the best of his ability? Then read this blog because this exclusive and anatomical FaySport bridle from the new equestrian brand PresTeq might be the perfect solution!
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Guest Blog Pumps en Paarden: top 10 most eye-catching fly sheets

It's that time of the year again that flies, mosquitoes and horse-flies come out so that's why it's fly sheet time! In this blog I've collected 10 eye-catching fly sheets that you can shop at Epplejeck. Why choose a boring grey one when you can also go for something way more bubbly!
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Guest blog TRUST: Loose ring or eggbutt bit?

The eggbutt and the loose ring are popular bits among equestrians. But what is the difference between an eggbutt and a loose ring bit? All the explanations you need to know are in this blog!
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Guest blog Tech Stirrups: Safety at a top level, made in Italy

You’re riding your horse fully relaxed on long reins while cooling down. It’s nice and peaceful and you’re walking around the outside arena or the forest, lost in thoughts. But then suddenly, there’s an unexpected noise - your horse spooks. You try to act quick, to take the reins a bit shorter and to keep the horse calm. But still, your horse goes running and bucking. Even though you try your best to stay on, you end up falling off. But you feel your foot getting stuck in the stirrup and start to panic. Thankfully, you just got yourself a pair of Tech Stirrups though, and your foot easily comes free. You fall into the sand, quickly get up to catch your horse and get back on. Both of you are safe and sound.
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Discover the power pearls of Equitop Myoplast

Every step, every turn, every movement a horse makes, he uses his muscles. Your horse has a lot of muscles, 700 skeletal muscles to be exact. (ompare that to around 300 in the human body.) Horses are built for movement so your horse's muscles must remain strong and healthy. Nutritional support is a powerful way of supporting a horse's muscle health. Proper nutrients actually produce the fuel your horse’s muscles need. Equitop Myoplast is a nutritional supplement to stimulate the muscle building and recovery of your horse. It's a unique supplement that has been used and recommended by top riders and leading veterinary horse specialists since 1998.
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Guest Blog Pavo - Horse treats: healthy snack or guilty pleasure?

We all love to enjoy a snack from time to time, possibly even a guilty pleasure. Sometimes you just gotta have a cheat day. The same goes for horses. Of course, they like their daily dish, but we secretly just love to spoil them once in a while with a special snack. We do it as part of training as a reward, sometimes we just feel like it. It’s not always healthy but luckily there are a lot of options for snacks nowadays.
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Guest blog NAF: Keep your horse healthy in the summer

Your horse's health is, of course one of your highest priorities throughout the year. That's why we have put together some tips to keep your horse fit, especially during hot summer months.
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Electrolytes: Compensate the loss of important minerals on hot days!

In many parts of the world, summer is in full swing and bringing some intense heat and sweatiness. Horses also struggle with the increasing temperatures. In order to regulate their body temperature, they get rid of the warmth through sweating. But sweating makes the horse not only lose moisture, but also important minerals such as natrium, potassium, calcium and magnesium – also called electrolytes.
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Guest blog Bucas: the ins and outs of fly masks

Summer has arrived, but unfortunately, so have the swarms of flies. Flies can be big nuisances and annoyances to your horse. They especially like to hang out around the eyes… but why, actually?
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