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Boredom in the stable

Some horses are always outside in summer and winter, where they also have access to a nice shelter. This is not possible for every horse, with the result that horses spend more time in the stable in winter than in summer. In the stable, boredom often strikes quickly. Boredom can turn into stress, which can lead to stable vices. Have you ever taken a critical look at your horse and wondered whether he is still happy in his stable? Below you will find some tips to help you distract your horse, in the stable and in the field. Because with simple tips and tricks, your horse will have more fun, even if he has to spend longer in his stable!

A good stable for your horse

The minimum size for a stable is 3.5 by 3.5 metres and the best temperature for your horse in the stable is between 10 and 15 degrees. Daylight and fresh air are a must for your horse to be comfortable. It actually works just like with us: if we don't see much daylight and don't get enough fresh air in a day, we can sometimes be a bit irritable too. At Epplejeck, we also like to think along with you about the right stable equipment for your horse. Curious about what we sell in the field of stable equipment? Take a look at all our stable products here!

Give your horse enough exercise

A horse needs to be able to stretch its legs several times a day. This can be done by putting him in the paddock or pasture during the day. If there is no opportunity for this, you can take a walk together, go for a ride or let your horse graze by hand. When your horse can 'air out', he will be more content in the stable! Variety in training is also a way to keep your horse happy. If he gets the same training round every day, it will of course get boring at some point. Try different disciplines and go to the woods or beach together!

Roughage several times a day

Horses that eat too little hay or straw can suffer from heartburn and produce too little saliva. It is therefore important to provide your horse with plenty of good quality hay. It is therefore best to start the digestion in the morning with roughage and only then give his concentrate. Did you know that your horse spends 60% of its time eating? They are real grazers and hay and grass require a horse to chew well to digest it. This means extra-long entertainment and bonus: chewing keeps them warm! Most horses get their roughage daily at fixed times, but you can also choose to spread it out over the day in smaller portions. Your horse will then take longer and be satiated for longer.

Did you know that a horse does not have a gallbladder? To keep digestion going, it is also important to give small portions more often. Divide it into 2-4 portions a day and do not leave a horse with an empty stomach for more than 6 hours. For horses with heartburn, this is even a maximum of 1 hour. Do you want to challenge your horse even more? Then you can opt for a haynet or slow feeder. This will keep your horse busy, make sure he doesn't gobble up all his food straight away and prevents him from throwing the roughage all around his stable.


You will see them hanging in many stables, looking like stones a horse can lick. It keeps your horse busy for hours and ensures that he gets the right vitamins and minerals. Licks come in different varieties and sizes, each with its own purpose. The most well-known is the Himalayan lick, made of 100% Himalayan salt. It contains numerous minerals and trace elements that support your horse. Besides supplementing minerals and trace elements, there are also licks that contribute to maintaining healthy joints and smooth movements, such as the Horslyx Mobility lick. The lick contains a high concentration of organic sulphur, glucosamine, omega oils 3 and 6 and magnesium that contribute to this. There are also licks that serve as a treat for your horse, such as the Epplejeck licks. A great treat for your horse. With several varieties, there is always a flavour that is your horse's favourite. A lick not only provides entertainment, but also contributes to your horse's health! You also have a Hayball in different flavours. Hang the hayball freely so it can move in all directions and give your horse hours of nibbling fun.

Toys for your horse

Toys for your horse come in different varieties, but almost all come in bright colours and fine scents. Like the Jolly Playball, a play apple and the play and feed roller ball Snack-A-Ball. The Jolly Play Ball is also ideal for the paddock and available in different scents (apple, banana, bubblegum or mint scent), but in addition it is also of great size to put in your horse's stable. The play apple is intended exclusively for in the stable and smells like a real apple. Another variation of a slow feeder is the Snack-A-Ball feed ball. You can fill it with horse treats and pellets. The treats falls out in small amounts while playing, providing hours of entertainment! Another form of a feed ball is the Hay Play. This should be filled with hay or other kinds of roughage and encourages natural grazing. It can be used in the paddock, pasture or stable and its angular shape means the ball rolls around unpredictably, but not too fast!

But that's not the only toy we have for your four-legged friend. Make your horse feel like the king of the stable with Imperial Riding's horse toys. With the fun crown, apple with scent and a rosette, you will give your horse hours of fun!

Contact with other horse friends

Our big friends are group animals and therefore like to be around other members of the same species. Most ideal for your horse is a stable where he can come into contact with peers. Horses take in the whole environment. They do this by looking, smelling and listening. You should therefore ensure that your horse has a good view outside and that he can also see what he smells and hears. But apart from contact with peers, contact with you is also important for him. Every horse needs its share of love and attention, and of course this is different for every horse, but an extensive brush or a cuddle will please every horse!

As you can see, there are many ways you can have fun with your horse!

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