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Guest blog

Which Bucas autumn blanket will you welcome autumn with?

The swirling leaves, the shallow puddles in the yard and warming your hands over a steaming cup of tea in the canteen: autumn has its own charm in the stable. But for your horse, these new weather conditions can take some getting used to. A blanket can then be a fine solution. With these Bucas blankets, you and your horse will welcome autumn in the best possible way.
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Dyon bitless bridle blog by Caro

Our latest guest blogger Caro also know as @loeil_de_shoo talks about her experience with Dy'on bitless bridle.
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Guestblog Bucas: How do you protect your horse after clipping?

Now that the cold days are upon us again, some horse owners choose to clip their horses. But how do you keep your horse warm? And what are the consequences for your horse's comfort zone?
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Crash course on rugs by QHP

The leaves are turning red, there’s barely a fly in sight, and your hands are buried deep in your pockets. It is fall! This means that you can bring out your winter coat again, and your horse will also be creating a winter coat of his own. Are you at a loss with all available coats, rugs and blankets? Read this blog and you’ll be all set for winter.
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Guestblog Bucas: Autumn! What should my horse wear?

We all recognise it: You are standing in front of your wardrobe thinking, what am I going to wear today? Especially during the changeable autumn weather, it can be difficult to find suitable clothes for the weather. One moment the sun is shining and the next you're in the middle of a downpour. If only you had put on that waterproof jacket...
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Guestblog Ariat: ready for spring with Ariat

I don’t buy new riding clothes very often. So when I do, it’s very conscious and thought through: clothes that are comfortable, practical and look good. Not just buying for the sake of buying, but investing in good items that you’ll wear a lot and for a long time. I recently got a nice spring outfit from Ariat: pretty, practical and very comfy – must-haves in your wardrobe.
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Guestblog VITALstyle: fight pollen allergies from inside out

Lots of people and horses have problems with it: pollen and hay fever. From early spring, the first trees start to shed their pollen, followed later by grasses and shrubs. We know that this can cause a lot of irritation, coughing and itching, but what exactly is pollen allergy actually?
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Guestblog LeMieux by JRS: which leg protection do you need?

During a dressage training session, it’s handy to have some leg protection for your horse. Protecting your horse’s leg with bandages, brushing boots or something else can prevent superficial wounds due to knocks, but can also help prevent shock absorption during higher dressage exercises. Depending on why you need extra protection, there’s multiple options to choose from. We’re here to give you tips on how to pick the best for your and your horse’s needs.
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Guestblog VITALstyle: Colic and the transition to spring grass

Yes, spring is on its way! This also means nice fresh spring grass for your horse. A good transition to spring grass is important to prevent intestinal flora disorders and colic. And if your horse has colic, what can you do about it? In this blog we go deeper into that!
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Guestblog LeMieux by JRS: Which half pad is best for my horse?

The search for the perfect half pad is not always easy. There are lots of optioins, but what does my horse need? What do I need to pay attention to? No worries, we’re here to help make the perfect choice for you and your horse!
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Guestblog Dy'on: a guide through the bridle jungle

Who doesn’t know it? You bought a new horse or already have one in the stable and you’re looking for a new bridle. You’re fighting your way through various online shops, catalogues and equestrian stores, but you can’t see the forest for the trees. There’s an abundance of different brands in different colours with different bridle styles, with or without bling, and even with big price differences – which makes you question, what the different between all of them actually is.
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Guestblog Schockemöhle: testing the Schockemöhle Sports bridles

When we opened the box from Schockemöhle Sports that was delivered to our door, they already made us swoon. We get to test five brand new bridles. These bridles are part of three different series of bridles from Schockemöhle Sports: the Equitus line, the Anatomic line and the Select & Mix. Three different series of bridles with different possibilites and functions.
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