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Tips for the perfect Valentine's Day with your horse

Valentine's Day, the day when you pay extra attention to your love. Now, of course, you think of your boyfriend or girlfriend. But for many people, that's their horse. Your horse that is there for you every day and gives super much love where needed. Time to pamper your four-legged friend. Epplejeck has some tips for this!


Give the horse a thorough grooming from head to toe. Most horses begin to shed now. They love it when all the loose hair comes out. To pamper your horse properly, you can use a massage brush. This is not only good for the horse's blood circulation, but it also makes them relaxed.

Horse toys

No matter how much attention you give your horse, he can get bored in the stable. For this, Epplejeck has nice horse toys in its assortment. In all colors and sizes. With these, your horse can play with it for hours when he is in the stable and not get bored.

Horse treats

The well-known way to spoil your horse, in all sorts and flavors. You can give the treats whenever you want. Tip: Do a game with the treats. For example, guess which hand the treat is in, or use a play ball where you can put the treats in. Or go the old fashion way and give your horse and extra apple or carrot!

New halter

Is it time for a new halter? At Epplejeck we have super many nice halters, in all colors and sizes. Not only nice for the horse, but also for you 😉 Because honestly, can you ever have enough halters?

Want to do a little something extra for your Valentine today? Then let our special Valentine's shop inspire you! There you will find stuff not only for your horse but also for your friend.

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