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Optimal Fly Protection with QHP’s Summer Collection - Guest Blog by QHP

As summer approaches, the days grow longer, and it's the perfect time to enjoy delightful rides in the sunshine. However, the warm weather also brings out pesky insects. Thankfully, QHP’s summer collection includes an impressive new line of fly protection gear designed to provide your horse with optimal protection against these tiny invaders.

Which QHP fly rug should you use and when?

The Summer Focus fly sheet can be an excellent option when the first insects emerge. This model, which does not have a neckpiece, offers superb protection from insect bites for your horse’s body.
Including a tail flap ensures that the top of your horse's tail is also shielded. Lacking belly straps, this fly sheet is particularly suitable for transport on warmer days, especially when you are off to a competition!

A Fly sheet that provides additional protection

If you want extra protection for your horse, consider a fly sheet equipped with a neck cover. This type of fly sheet protects not only your horse's body but also its neck, significantly reducing disturbances from insects. Some QHP fly sheets come with a removable neck, allowing you to attach or detach the neck cover as needed.
For the highest level of protection, you might choose a fly sheet that includes a neck cover and a mask. The mask further shields the horse's ears, head, and eyes. The neck and the mask are removable, making the sheet versatile and adaptable to different needs.

Protecting your horse when insects are less active

A fly mask can be a good option when insects are less active. This is easily attached to the halter and protects your horse’s eyes from flies, reducing the risk of eye infections and other discomforts.

What are the functions of a fly sheet?

Besides shielding your horse from insects, fly sheets provide additional benefits. They also offer protection against UV rays from the sun, which helps reduce the risk of sunburn. Furthermore, these covers help keep your horse clean by shielding it from dirt.
Do you want to ensure your horse has optimal protection against insects and other nuisances this summer? Consider choosing QHP fly sheets!

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