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Epplejeck from orange to green: en route to a sustainable future!

Epplejeck is galloping towards an increasingly eco-friendly and sustainable future! We are also entering the green revolution, with determined steps. Discover how Epplejeck, a company with a heart for horses and our planet earth, is shifting its course towards a more sustainable future. Spoiler alert: this will be a journey filled with eco-friendly style and conscious choices. Interested in following Epplejeck's sustainable journey? Great, keep reading!

Sustainable initiatives within Epplejeck

While you're busy shopping for the latest riding gear and cutting-edge equestrian accessories, we are working towards something significant behind the scenes: a sustainable future. At Epplejeck, we believe in the power of positive change, and it starts with us. From segregating waste in the office to enhancing our packaging methods, numerous steps have already been taken to become more sustainable. We also proudly carry the exclusive brand Roan in our range, which produces environmentally friendly and biologically based clothing.

Did you know that, when necessary, we fill our shipping boxes exclusively with recycled plastic instead of cardboard or paper? It may not sound particularly sustainable, but the production of cardboard or paper requires comparatively more raw materials (wood), water, and energy. Moreover, the manufacturing of new plastic results in 78% more pollution. Therefore, recycled plastic stands out as a significantly more sustainable alternative.

Galloping towards a paperless office

In addition to reducing paper consumption in the office, you may notice that you no longer receive any papers with your order. Starting January 15, 2024, we will be transitioning to paperless shipments for our customers. Your invoice and return forms will no longer be included in the parcel. This significant reduction in paper usage contributes to the preservation of trees!

Rest assured, following the dispatch of your order, you will receive an email containing your return form and invoice in PDF format. Did you know that, as our customer with an Epplejeck account, you can also find these files under the "My Purchases" section in your account? Unable to print the return form? No worries! If, for any reason, you are unable to print, you can always enclose a separate handwritten letter with your details and order number.

P.S.: In your Epplejeck account, you can also receive updates on your order. This allows you to track the progress of your order – awesome, right? You don't have an Epplejeck account yet? With just a few clicks, you can create an account quickly and free of charge. This way, you stay informed about special offers, latest products, and current trends!

A sustainable range

Within our product range, we feature brands that produce sustainable products. As mentioned earlier, we proudly offer the exclusive brandRoan, which manufactures clothing based on organic principles. This means that the clothing is fundamentally made from sustainable and recycled fibers. Kentucky utilizes artificial fur and leather in their products, a practice that is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly but also animal-friendly. Their synthetic leather is not only top quality but also has a longer lifespan and requires minimal maintenance.

Companies like Bucas, Horseware, and WeatherBeeta are increasingly manufacturing blankets from recycled plastic bottles. This approach reduces the need for new raw materials, promotes material reuse, and lowers CO2 emissions. All of this is achieved while maintaining the high quality of the blankets!

Are you curious to explore more about the sustainable products we have in our range?

The first steps towards sustainability have been taken at Epplejeck, but it doesn't end here! We will continue to implement sustainability measures for a better future.

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