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How do I help my horse shed?

Are you also being bombarded by your horse's shedding hair? The shedding season has returned. Shedding can require a lot of energy from your horse or pony. In this blog, we provide tips on how you can best assist your equine friend.

When do horses shed?

Horses shed twice a year, in the summer and winter. People often assume that horses shed because it gets colder or warmer, but this is not the case. Horses shed when there is longer or shorter daylight hours during the day. During this time, your horse may require extra energy because growing or shedding their coat can be energy-consuming.

Tips to help your horse shed

It is important during shedding season that the skin has good blood circulation. By providing your horse with feed containing extra fats, minerals, and vitamin B, you ensure that the coat is supported from the inside out. Protein-rich feed provides extra energy. This can be concentrated feed or just roughage. Also, consider lineseed oil, which may not necessarily aid in shedding, but helps promote a glossy coat.

Additionally, there are a few things you can do to help your horse:

• Grooming

Thorough grooming ensures that the hairs not only loosen but also come off the horse's coat. Use a dandy brush, stiff brush, or a grooming block to remove loose hair during grooming. Grooming gloves and massage brushes improve circulation, which is essential during shedding season.

• Daylight

As mentioned above, horses shed when there is longer or shorter daylight hours during the day. Let your horse out to graze so that it is exposed to triggers so your horse will shed better.

• Exercise

A better blood circulation will really help your horse shedding, and exercise is essential for a good circulation. Go for a training session or a walk. This also exposes your horse to more daylight.

• Vitamin boost

If you notice that shedding requires a lot of energy and your horse needs a boost, consider a vitamin injection or supplement to support its immune system. This will help your horse feel fit and happy again.

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