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Wash instructions for riding breeches


Make sure to follow wash instructions as shown on the label when washing riding breeches. When washing clothing at too high of a temperature you risk decoloration and shrinking. A cold wash, however, generally doesn't take care of those stains you managed to get on there whilst working at the stables.


  • Washing your cloths inside out and closing Velcro straps and zippers helps protect your clothing and your washing machine.
  • Separate colours especially when the items are new. You wouldn't want your white competition breeches to turn pink now do you?
  • Wash clothing containing elastane (most riding breeches) at 30 degrees Celcius or less.


  • Don't use fabric softener and don't use more detergent than needed.


Again: check the label before throwing an item in the dryer. If the product can be machine dried it has a square with a circle in it on the label. The higher the temperature of the dryer, the higher the chance of shrinking.


  • Dry clothing made from cotton or tricot by hanging it
  • Riding breeches with a leather seat should be laid down to dry


  • Silk, wool or polyester should never be tumble dried
  • If possible, keep riding breeches away from the dryer



  • Iron clothing on the inside; this'll prevent shine and flattening as well as damage to print, adornements and wax coatings
  • Iron cotton clothing into shape whislt it's still moist; proper ironing helps to counter shrinking
  • Mind the ironing label: if the label has 3 dots the item can be ironed with steam.

Bling bling

Bling decorations are everywhere these days. Many riding breeches have some sort of rhinestone, sequin, or shiny detailing. Great to look at, but a pain to wash. We advice to wash riding breeches with intricate details inside out and at 30 degrees Celsius max. Avoid the dryer as this increases your chances to loose those precious rhinestones. NOTE: we do not accept warranty claims concerning rhinestones, sequins, or glitter prints.


  • A Natural laundry detergent is very suitable for washing riding breeches, rugs, saddle pads and bandages alike.
  • Don't leave your riding breeches in the dryer and always lay down riding breeches with a leather seat to dry.
  • To keep your competition breeches white you can use Vanish, or any other stain remover.

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