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Pavo HealthBoost for the best immune system

What do you need to do when you're moving stable or having another giant change in the environment of your horse? Here's everything you need to know!

Moving stables can be a source of great stress for your horse. Make sure that your calendar is as free as possible in the week after the move. With a free calendar, you can spend a lot of time with your horse, making sure he/she is getting used to everything - the new environment, the horses, the new smells and noises - and staying calm through it all. Deworming your horse close to the move is also not practical at all, as deworming also has a big impact on the immune system and the intestinal system of the horse, which can become problematic in a new environment.

When you horse is ready to go out with a herd in the field, don't throw him or her into the cold water immediately. Introduce the other horses slowly one by one, for example standing next to each other in the stable, being in fields next to each other or leaving your horse out with only one or two others before having them all together.

Getting used to the new roughage and hard feed also takes time and should be done in baby steps, if possible. If you have the chance, take some hay and feed from your old stable and mix it with the new feed in the first week. This helps your horse get used to the change more easily and is also better for the stomach and intestines.

Don't let your horse suddenly be alone, without any other horses around, in the field or stable. It would be best for your horse if the daily routine stays the same or as similar as possible to the one you had before.

With supplements, you can helps the intestinal health of your horse. During a move, you can feed the Pavo HealthBoost supplement, full of vitamins, prebiotics and natural antioxidants. This gives your horse's immune system an extra boost during your move or other big, influential moments. Think of a surgery or the death of a friend for example. You can also use Pavo HealthBoost when your horse is a little out of shape or already on the older side.

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