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The animal friendly products from Kentucky

Animal friendly, durable and high grade with artificial materials. The goal of Kentucky Horsewear is to protect horses and dogs with their products. And that of course can’t be done properly while harming other animals for materials. That’s why Kentucky exclusively uses materials without animal ingredients, such as artificial sheep wool or rabbit fur and faux leather.

Artificial wool

Artificial wool and sheepskin is better in every way compared to real sheepskin. The wool is attached to a knitted base with a fabric, which are both very breathable and air permeable. The production of synthetic sheepskin of high quality, like the ones from Kentucky, actually costs more than real wool. The artificial wool from Kentucky is just as nice and soft as real wool, but is a lot easier to maintain and can be washed a lot more than real wool. Kentucky recommends to wash the artificial sheepskin products at 30 Degrees Celsius on a normal washing cycle and let it air dry outside.

Artificial rabbit skin

Besides artificial sheepskin, Kentucky also produces artificial rabbit skin. This is mainly used as lining for their horse and dog rugs. Artificial rabbit skin comes with some great advantages. As the material is super fluffy and soft, it prevents chafing on the shoulders or chest of the horse. Additionally, the horse hairs won’t stick to the lining and the coat gets a nice shine, just like when you’re brushing your horse with a woollen grooming glove, because of the little hairs of the rabbit fur. These little hairs also trap the body heat of the horse as they create little air bubble, which keeps the horse extra cosy and comfortable.

Faux leather

Because Kentucky makes use of artificial leather, they accomplish their own key company: quality, durability and easy maintenance. The imitation leather of waterproof and dirt or water will never have a real effect on it, contrary to real leather, which will absorb water and get damaged. That also means that artificial leather doesn’t dry out, cracks or changes colour. This also makes artificial leather a lot easier to maintain, clean and care for: you can simply put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius, run in under the water tap or clean it with a wet sponge.
In comparison to real leather, faux leather also weighs a lot less and can improve the performance of your horse. It is also highly resistant to tears, abrasions and punctures and is therefore more versatile and durable in use. It’s extremely difficult to see any differences in real leather and the high grade artificial leather Kentucky produces, which makes it perfect to match with any other horse tack you have, real or fake leather!

In short: both horse and rider can get a lot of benefits from using the artificial materials from Kentucky – increased comfort, increased performance and easier maintenance only being a few. You can shop the Kentucky products here.

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