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La Valencio | Lighten up your day

Lighten up your day with the brand new collection of La Valencio!

This 'Me and mini me' collection has everything for big and small. Do you like perfectly matched clothing? The colors pink, blue and green? And do you like a shiny design? Then this collection was made for you!

The Collection
Riding pants, leggings, polos, training shirts, tops, jackets, vests and of course socks to finish it, the new collection of La Valencio has it all!

The LVPaisley breeches consist of a strong nylon fabric and are therefore lightweight, wrinkle-free and breathable. The pants are available in dark blue and dark green. The dark green version is finished with a light green embroidery around the collar. In addition, the lightning bolt design with rhinestones returns on the front and back of the pants pockets. How cool is that?
The blue version on the other hand is finished with a beautiful light rose stitching. Both pants have a full silicone seat with lightning bolt print. For optimal grip in the saddle.

The LVLilly riding leggings are made of polyester, which makes the leggings resistant to external influences, such as sunlight and washing. The color remains almost always clean. In addition, the leggings are super stretchy. With its ultra comfortable and tight fit, knee grip and subtle La Valencio stitching, this riding legging will soon conquer your closet! And then we have not even talked about the ideal phone pocket (see photo). These leggings are also available in blue and green.

The tops, shirts and polo shirts all consist of the same elastic and breathable fabric. Ideal for on and/or around the horse! In the outerwear, the subtle La Valencio stitching and lightning bolt designs come back, to make your whole outfit match. Which top / shirt is your favorite, LVPhilly, LVPearl, LVPatty, LVPoppy or LVPebbles?
Last but not least the fabulous LVPonyo and LVPayton vests. Do you need to go to the stable quickly, but it is just too warm for a jacket and too cold without? Then of course you grab one of these two cardigans from the closet, as the ideal interim jacket.

Do you really want to complete your outfit? Then also take a look at the new matching socks.

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