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Pivo Pod - Your new training partner

How it felt versus how it looked.... Here's your chance to capture, evaluate and improve your ride! Can't fix it yourself, video call your trainer to ask for advice and get real-time feedback! Take this chance to review your ride - and maybe after make some fun action films with your 4-legged friend. 😎

New in, Pivo Pod

Filming your workout perfectly, without anyone having to help you? You can! Meet your new training partner: Pivo Pod. With the latest technologies, your workout will be filmed without any problems. In this blog we explain you all about this fantastic system, which is new in our range.

How does a Pivo Pod work?
Briefly explained, a Pivo Pod is an innovative device that can rotate 360 degrees. With the tripod, you can place the camera wherever you want. This makes it easy to take beautiful photos, videos presentations and livestreams. With the popular auto tracking feature, the Pivo Pod automatically follows you wherever you go. This ensures that you are always in the picture.

Because of the dedicated app, you don't need to download a separate software and can control the Pod from your phone. This way, you don't have to get off the horse all the time to change settings. Are you going to train in a different location for a change? Even then you can feel free to take the Pivo Pod with you. The standard package comes with a mini travel case, making it easy to take everything with you. Want to try it first? Then choose the starter package and become a fan of this fantastic system!

In short, do you want to create quality training videos easily? Then the Pivo Pod is highly recommended. Shop everything from the brand Pivo here!

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