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4 tips for a tidy tack locker

Honestly, how long do you keep your tack locker or room tidy after tidying it? Right, it doesn’t last long. Are you also dreaming of a tidy tack locker but don't know where to start? We got you! In this blog, we’re giving you all the tips for a tidy tack locker.

How to tidy your tack locker

Keeping your locker tidy after cleaning and reorganizing sounds simple enough, right? But in reality, you quickly start throwing everything back into that one corner or putting things wherever they happen to fit best in the moment.


Horsegear organizer

With the Horsegear storage bag, you can easily hang up your tendon boots, brushes, bottles or any other small items in a well-organized way. The nice thing about this is that you won’t lose any of your tendon boots, as they’re stores all together. The top of the compartments is elasticated to keep your items in place. With 12 or 24 compartments, you have enough space to store everything you need. View all storage bags for your tack room here!
Besides storage bags, you can also get handy storage bins for all your small items such as shampoo, leather care items and other grooming products that don’t fit in your grooming bag or that you don’t need regularly.


Bridle hanger

Can't get enough of all those cute halters? Or do you also have several bridles in your locker? Hang them all up neatly on special bridle hangers. With different types of hangers, you'll find the perfect hanger for your bridle or halter.


Saddle rack

A saddle rack is basically unmissable in a saddle cupboard or tack room. If you don't have enough space in your locker for a saddle rack, you can opt for a saddle cart. You can also hang your saddle pads on the cart, when either you have too many to fit into your locker or when it got all sweaty while riding.

Cleaning out

Maybe not the nicest job, but when you sort through and clean out your stuff once every three months, you can keep everything tidy and organised. Plus this way, you know what you are running out of and what you need to restock again. You can reward yourself by going shopping.

These tips will help you keep your tack locker tidy!

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