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New from NAF: Five Star Metazone

Are you looking for a supplement that gives your horse a quick boost to keep him "in the zone"? Then NAF's new supplement might be interesting for you. In this blog post you will find out more about NAF Metazone, the supplement for horses formulated specifically to Manage, Relieve and Control, for the management of horses who need something extra.

About NAF Five Star Metazone

What differentiates NAF Metazone from other nutritional supplements, is that it is not specific to any one part of the horse's body. The product supports pathways wherever support is needed in the body, such as the skin, hooves, muscles, joints, intestines and lungs. Metazone is the perfect supplement to be used for when a short term boost is needed or at times of stress. The supplement is gut friendly and designed to work effectively without compromising the gut health of your horse.

It is specially formulated to Manage, Relieve and Control in order to provide effective support whenever the horse needs it. Metazone is composed of a synergistic blend of ingredients that support the horse's natural anti-inflammatory pathways. The plant based phytochemicals that make up this product support the natural healing process throughout the body.

NAF Metazone is suitable for daily use when comfort is key and can be combined with other NAF products. Additionally, for those who compete, it is designed to be competition safe as the supplement is effective immediately with no waiting time for the effect. Therefore, the supplement can be fed wheneverr you need to keep your horse ‘in the zone’.

In what situations can you use NAF Metazone?

Because the supplement can be used for overall support, every horse can benefit from it. However, in the following situations, your horse may have additional need for Metazone:
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Sensitive digestive tract
  • Pain relief
  • Headshaking
  • Skin irritations
  • Seasonal discomfort
  • Problem with respiratory function
  • Muscular discomfort after intense training and competition
  • Tension of the body during times of peak challenge

NAF Metazone Liquid

If you are planning to use Metazone on a daily basis, the liquid version is ideal. Peak Rate can be used for 4-5 days when increased need is recognized, i.e. obvious signs of stress, travel, at competitions, or when advised by your veterinarian. The liquid version can easily be mixed with your horse’s (concentrated) feed and is available in 1 liter and 5 liters.

Dosage for horses:

Peak rate: 60-90 ml per day
30 ml per day

Dosage for ponies (<400kg):

Peak rate:
45-60 ml per day
15-30 ml per day


Metazone NAF Pasta

The handy injector can be given directly into the mouth whenever your horse needs it. In cases of transport, intense physical activity or on the advice of the veterinarian, for example, the Peak Rate can be given to the horse.

Dosage for horses & ponies:

Peak rate:                                                       
1 syringe in the morning & evening
Standard Rate:
 1 syringe daily


Are you curious about what else NAF can do for your horse?


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