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Discover the latest additions: Free Horse's new collection!

Have you checked out the latest addition to our brand range at Epplejeck? It's called Free Horse, and we're excited to introduce it to you through this blog. Free Horse is an excellent option for those who value freedom when working with their horse. We'll provide more details on what this brand has to offer.

What does the Free Horse brand offer?

The Free Horse brand offers products that allow you to work with your horse comfortably and flexibly during training. Therefore, in their assortment, you will find everything you need to train your horse in the most natural way possible. This includes products for groundwork, bitless riding, and even riding with a bareback pad. Additionally, they also provide hay nets and treats.

Bareback pads

If you prefer riding your horse without a saddle but still require some support while sitting on it, then Free Horse's range of bareback pads is the ideal solution for you. They offer four distinct types of bareback pads, each with unique features that enable you to select the one that meets your needs perfectly.

Barebackpad Free Horse FHRaven
The FHRaven bareback pad is exceptionally soft and comfortable. The plush faux fur lining enhances the horse's comfort during use, while the soft padding ensures increased comfort for the rider.

Barebackpad Free Horse FHLogan
The FHLogan bareback pad is designed with an anatomical fit and a sturdy filling. The anti-slip interior and strong girth straps ensure a secure and stable position while riding. The denim exterior layer adds a stylish appearance to the pad. In addition, the bareback pad is shock-absorbing and skin-friendly, preventing irritations during use.

Bareback pad Free Horse FHRae
The FHRae bareback pad is exceptionally soft for the rider and the horse, as the inside and outside are made of faux wool. The bareback pad lies excellently on your horse's back due to its anatomical fit. It is designed to prevent skin irritations, as it is shock-absorbing, skin-friendly, and hygienic.

Bareback pad Free Horse FHMace
The FHMace bareback pad is designed to help the rider train an independent seat while horse riding. The outer fabric has anti-slip properties, providing the rider with more grip. The foam padding has different thicknesses, encouraging the rider to maintain an upright position. The anatomical fit allows the withers to be free, making the bareback pad suitable for horses with higher withers.

Bitless bridles

Bitless bridle Free Horse FHDallas
This soft leather bridle features gentle padding on the browband and noseband for added comfort. The reins are guided crosswise via the chin and neck, and the bridle comes with webbing reins with stops.

Bitless bridle Free Horse FHVinzz
Bitless Bridle Free Horse FHVinzz: This bitless bridle combines luxury with comfort for your horse. It features soft padding on the headpiece, browband, and noseband. The bridle has an anatomical fit, allowing the horse's ears to remain free. It can be used as a side-pull, cross-jaw, and cross-head bridle, making it ideal when deciding the best bridle type for your horse.


Cavesson Free Horse Leather
The Leather Cavesson can be used in various ways. The detachable cheek pieces with bit clips allow you to use the cavesson in combination with a bit. This means you can do groundwork with the cavesson, lunge, and ride your horse. The noseband has a chain as its core, which conforms to the shape of the horse's nose. Both the headpiece and noseband are softly padded for extra comfort. The headpiece is anatomically shaped to alleviate pressure on the base of the ears.

Rope halters

Rope halter and Lead-Free Horse
This rope halter is ideal for performing groundwork with your horse. The set includes a matching lead rope with a carabiner-style clasp. The rope halters are made from a durable yet comfortable material.
Please note: A rope halter is unsuitable for tying up your horse, transporting it, or leaving it in the field!

Groundwork rope

Groundwork Rope Free Horse
The Groundwork Rope not only feels comfortable in hand due to its soft material but also features a sturdy bull snap closure. Using Free Horse's ground rope, you can use specific exercises to make your horse more aware of its own body.

Lead Rope

Lead Rope Free Horse
This lead rope from Free Horse can be used as a regular halter rope but is also highly suitable for groundwork. The four-meter-long lead rope feels soft and comfortable in your hand as it is made of 100% polypropylene.

Hay nets

Hay Net Free Horse FHPurna Cotton/Jute
This Is a large hay net made of jute and cotton. The hay net is easy to attach by the long rope. The mesh width is approximately 10 x 10 cm.

Hay net Free Horse FHSpinx
The FHSpinx hay net can be hung anywhere, such as in the stable, paddock, or trailer. The knotted hay net is easy to fill from the top. It is made of robust and durable Jute material, and the mesh size is approximately 8 cm. This smaller mesh reduces hay wastage and slows your horse's eating. This leads to a more gradual roughage intake, helps prevent boredom, and promotes better digestion.

Hay Bag Free Horse FHAsana
The FHAsana hay bag features a slow-feeder insert with a 5 x 5 cm fine mesh size. This makes it highly suitable for horses that tend to eat very quickly. Thanks to the opening at the back with flap and Velcro closure, the hay bag is easy to fill. In addition, it is easy to hang up by the black loops on the front. The hay bag can be used anytime and anywhere and is
feels comfortable in hand due to its soft material and
made of robust Jute material.


Natural horse treats

Free Horse Chips
These are 100% natural treats for your horse. The horse chips come in a carrot and apple variant and are made of pieces of dried carrot or apple. This allows you to give your horse some treats in a healthy way. It is suitable to give as a snack or reward.

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