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The effect of 'Therapy Products' on your horse

Do you hear stories about therapy products for horse, but have have no idea what it entails? In this blog, we explain the different functionalities of therapy materials from leading brands across the equestrian sector.

What do therapy materials do to your horse? 

Irrespective of the specific therapy materials or products employed, their singular objective remains consistent: to induce relaxation in your horse's muscles. This dual benefit of enhancing muscle suppleness while promoting equine relaxation underscores these therapy interventions' essence. In essence, your horse receives a wellness treatment, making utilising therapy products a commendable practice for horses across the board.

The function of Bucas therapy products 

Bucas' Therapy Products incorporate special stainless steel wire fabric. The therapeutic fabric captures the magnetic fields naturally produced by your horse and reflects them back. As a result, Bucas' therapy products can stimulate your horse's blood circulation. The better the blood circulation, the more efficiently oxygen can be delivered to muscle tissue. This leads to smoother muscles, relaxation for your horse, and a reduction in swelling and/or injuries.

The function of Equilibrium

Equilibrum uses magnets in their therapy line. The body cells of your horse possess electromagnetic properties that can be influenced by a magnetic field. Equilibrum utilizes Vitaflex® magnets that provide the body with two alternating poles: negative and positive. These strong circular and permanent magnetic fields with alternating pole sequences penetrate the body tissues. This process supports your horse's mobility and joint function.

The Function of WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec

With the Therapy-Tec line, WeatherBeeta employs ceramic technology in their products. The ceramic fabric reflects your horse's body heat through infrared waves, thereby stimulating blood circulation to the major muscle groups. This enhances the delivery of oxygen to muscle tissue and improves blood circulation. This process reduces muscle pain, swelling, and/or injuries.

The function of Back on Track

Back On Track offers a special Welltex® line of therapeutic products. Welltex® reflects the body's own infrared warmth back to the skin, joints, and muscles up to 5cm deep through ceramic material. In Back On Track products, the ceramic material is incorporated into the fabric and cannot be removed. The infrared warmth that is redirected promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation, diminishes pain, and relaxes the muscles.

The function of Horseware's Ice-Vibe Boots

While other brands have focused on returning warmth to the blood circulation, Horseware has developed therapeutic products that focus on cooling, heating, and vibrating. The combination of cooling and vibrating has proven to be very effective. Cooling inhibits inflammatory processes and swelling. The vibrating strips stimulate your horse's natural blood circulation. Optimal blood circulation aids in removing waste products and supplying oxygen to the muscles.

The function of Arma Hot/Cold Relief

Arma utilizes gel packs that can be used cold or warm. In this case, the horse's own heat is not used, but external warmth is applied. Cold gel packs cool the muscles and reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. Warm gel packs stimulate blood circulation and assist with stiffness and joint conditions.

Are you curious about the therapeutic products we offer in our range? Next week, in a new blog, we will highlight all the therapeutic products from each brand!

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