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6 summer Must-Haves for your horse.

With the sun high in the sky, it's time to prepare your horse for the warmer days ahead. Whether you enjoy relaxing rides in the forest or train your horse for a competition, it's essential to provide the right protection against pesky insects and the heat. Discover in this blog the must-haves for your horse during beautiful weather!

6 summer Must-Haves for your horse.

Finally, the nice weather has arrived, but that also means the insects are back. In the summer, these pesky creatures can cause discomfort for your horse, such as inflamed eyes or horses that are very bothered by flies. That's why we've listed 6 must-haves with their benefits for your horse.

Fly Sheets

- Protects your horse from flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.
- Prevents irritation and bites, allowing your horse to stay comfortable while grazing.
- Breathable material ensures good ventilation, keeping your horse from overheating under the fly sheet.
- Equipped with a belly flap and detachable neck cover for full protection.

Fly Masks

- Provides protection for the eyes, ears, and nose from flies and dust.
- Prevents irritation and infections in your horse's eyes.
- Adjustable closures ensure a good fit and comfort for your horse.
- Lightweight, so your horse won't be bothered by the fly mask.

Sweet Itch Rugs

- Specially designed for horses with sensitive skin suffering from sweet itch.
- Offers protection against insect bites and harmful UV rays.
- Breathable material prevents sweating and keeps your horse cool and comfortable.
- Adjustable chest and belly closures ensure a good fit and maximum protection.

Scented Products

- An effective solution to keep insects away without chemicals.
- Natural ingredients like citronella and eucalyptus act as natural insect repellents.
- Easy to apply to blankets, halters, and stables to create a protective barrier.
- Long-lasting, ideal for daily use during the summer season.


- Important for maintaining your horse's fluid balance and electrolyte levels during warm weather and intense training.
- Helps prevent dehydration and promotes healthy hydration.
- Available in various forms like powder, paste, or liquid for easy administration.
- Ideal for mixing with water or feed for quick absorption and recovery of electrolyte levels.

Rinsing off

- Refreshing after an intense training session or during warm weather.
- Removes sweat, dirt, and bacteria from your horse's coat.
- Helps lower body temperature and prevents overheating.
- Tip: Use a shampoo with a citronella scent when washing to repel flies, such as NAF Off Citronella Wash.

With these must-haves for your horse during beautiful weather, you can confidently enjoy the summer days while keeping your horse comfortable and protected. Don't forget to regularly check for any irritations or discomfort and adjust the protection if necessary. This way, you can both enjoy all the beauty that summer has to offer worry-free!

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