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Ice-Vibe Pack Complete LED Black

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€ 283.95
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Unique therapeutic boots that both cool and vibrate. Ideal to promote recovery, relieve pain and limit inflammatory reactions. Suitable in the event of galls, injuries to tendons and arthritis. Can also be used preventively as a warm-up and cooling-down. This design has been specially developed for the lower leg and can be used for both the front and hind legs. The new vibratory strips are equipped with a LED indicator light.
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Ice-Vibe Pack Complete LED Black
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Injuries to the lower legs are a dreaded and unfortunately common problem in horses. Heavy loads, age or deviations in the leg position can all lead to injury. Injuries to the legs are difficult to treat; because there are few muscles in the lower legs, the blood flow is minimal. Horseware Ice-Vibe has therefore developed these innovative boots that can cool, heat and vibrate. This product can be used for existing injuries but also preventively. The Ice-Vibe products have built up a very good reputation in equestrian sports and are recommended by many doctors and therapists.

Cold packs and vibrating strips can be attached to the Ice Vibe boots. This combination of cooling and vibrating is very effective. Cooling inhibits inflammatory processes and swelling. The use of the vibration strips stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation (which occurs naturally when the horse is moving) while the horse is standing still. Optimal blood flow is essential for good recovery because it contributes to the removal of waste products from the body and the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the legs. It has a beneficial effect on swelling, strains, arthritis, injuries to tendons and joints and it limits the formation of scar tissue. There are 3 different modes to choose from, depending on the aim of the therapy.

The Ice Vibe Boots are wireless, easy to use and because of the compact size, easy to carry. The cold packs can be used hot or cold. The cold/heat therapy and vibration can be used separately or in combination which makes the boots suitable for different applications. The vibrating strips are rechargeable by means of the supplied charging cable and are equipped with an automatic timer.

The anatomically shaped boots made of neoprene have different pockets in which the vibrating strips can be placed. The removable cold packs can be attached by means of a sturdy Velcro fastener.

Come in pairs, in a complete set.

The set consists of:

  • 2 Ice Vibe Boots
  • 2 Cold Packs
  • 2 Vibe Panels (vibratory strips) with LED indication
  • 1 Charger with different adapters for foreign countries
  • plugs (can also be charged with USB)
  • 1 Storage bag Use Advice
    We always recommend treating both legs, even if only one leg has complaints.
    - Do not use on horses with bone fractures or other significant injuries that occurred less than 4 weeks ago because it can cause swelling and irritation. Also do not use in the first 3 weeks after surgery on one leg. This is to prevent postoperative infections or worsening of bone splinters.
    - In case of swelling or heat, only use the boots in combination with the cold packs.
    - In case of doubt about the suitability of this product or if you have any questions about its use
    , always consult your veterinarian.
    Charge the vibration strips.
    Charging 1 strip takes 2 hours, charging 2 strips at a time takes 4 hours. When the vibrating strips are fully charged, they can be used for approximately 2 hours.
    To activate the strips, press the on/off switch for 5 seconds. The strip has 3 positions. You can change positions by briefly pressing the button.
    If you will not be using the vibratory strips for more than a month, it is wise to first fully charge them. Otherwise the lifespan of the battery may be affected
    Insert the charged vibrating strips into the boot compartment.

    -Use 1 vibration strip per leg. The vibrations penetrate the entire area. Make sure the on/off switch is in the correct position; on the outside at the bottom. The flat side is then against the leg, and the vibration strip can be activated from the outside.
    - Put the cold packs in the freezer or refrigerator for at least 2 hours. The cold packs remain cool for approximately 45 minutes. The special gel keeps the packs flexible and gives a pleasant cooling without getting too cold. Always use the boots in combination with the cold packs when there is swelling or heat
    - the cold packs will indicate whether it is for the left or right leg and which side goes at the top
    -Make sure your horse is in a quiet and dry area where he cannot injure himself.
    -Ask someone else to hold your horse. Apply the cold packs to the legs, close the Velcro and press firmly, then apply the boot over the cold pack.

    First use:
    We recommend that you only use setting 1 for the first 3 days to let your horse get used to the feeling.

    Position 1: this is the first position after switch-on and the position with the least intense vibration. This mode automatically switches off after 10 minutes to get your horse used to it
    Setting 2: this is the most commonly used mode with medium vibration. This mode automatically switches off after 20 minutes
    - in preparation for training without cold packs
    -after training with cold packs to inhibit the inflammation process and to cool the tendons without them becoming too cold
    -to support recovery from injury
    It is most effective if after training or competition you first cool your legs with the cold packs and then turn on the vibratory strips at position 2.
    The reason for this is that when your horse is still very warm and the blood is still being pumped around, the vibration strips have no added value. It is just before the legs cool down that the vibration strips are an added value to prevent pain and swelling.

    Position 3: the setting with a very powerful vibration. This mode switches off automatically after 20 minutes
    - only use in combination with the cold packs
    - suitable for horses with larger legs
    -with old scar tissue
    for warming up

    does your horse suffer from stiff legs at the start of training sessions?
    -Then a heat massage is ideal. Put the packs in warm, non-boiling water for about 10 minutes until they feel pleasantly warm. Do not heat the packs in the microwave. Use the warm packs in combination with position 1 of the vibratory strips to warm up the muscles and joints and stimulate blood flow.

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    Ice-Vibe Pack Complete LED Black

    Ice-Vibe Pack Complete LED Black

    € 283.95
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