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Diverse therapy products tailored for your equine companion

In the previous blog, we explained the different effects of therapy materials for your horse. We will highlight the therapeutic products in our assortment per brand and which muscle groups they benefit from.

Effects of Therapeutic Products on your horse

All therapy products share a common goal: to promote relaxation in your horse's muscles. This improves blood circulation, reduces swelling/injuries, and makes your horse more relaxed. Are you curious about how various therapy materials work for your horse? Discover further insights in our other Therapy blog!

Therapeutic Products by Bucas

Bucas offers a range of therapeutic products designed for your horse, as well as for your dog and yourself. Each therapeutic item features a special stainless-steel wire integrated within. These Therapy products are suitable for every horse. They are highly recommended for horses with muscle soreness, chronic arthritis, kissing spines, or back issues. EJ member Deborah shares her thoughts on the Bucas Therapy line in this blog. 

Bucas Therapy Products for Your Horse

At Bucas, you'll discover an assortment of therapeutic blankets to cater to your specific needs. For summer, lighter options like stable blankets feature a mesh lining at the bottom. Alternatively, there are regular, sturdy blankets without mesh lining. You can also opt for the matching neck cover to improve blood circulation not just in your back but also in your neck.

During winter, Bucas offers 50g, 150g, and 300g fillings outdoor blankets. This means your horse can enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic blanket regardless of the temperature. The matching neck cover is compatible with the 50g and 150g blankets, extending the improved blood circulation to the neck.

Are you looking to incorporate therapeutic benefits into your training routine? Look no further! Bucas provides an exercise rug with therapeutic properties and a saddle pad. These additions will promote relaxed muscles during training and reduce post-workout muscle soreness.

Discover the year-round advantages of Bucas' therapeutic line, ensuring your horse stays comfortable and supported through every season.

Bucas Therapy Products for Your Dog

Whether young and active or older, dogs can significantly benefit from a dog blanket infused with therapy materials. Bucas provides a specialised dog blanket with 0g and 300g fillings. This one-of-a-kind dog blanket helps to keep your furry friend's muscles warm. After a walk, your dog can relax comfortably on the therapy dog mat. It's worth noting that even cats enjoy lounging on the therapy mat!

Bucas Therapy Products for Yourself

If you're feeling stiffness in your muscles, especially in your neck, the Bucas Therapy scarf can provide therapeutic relief. Wearing the scarf can improve blood circulation and leave your muscles feeling better.

Equilibrum's Therapeutic Products

Equilibrum has developed a line of therapeutic products for horses, utilising powerful magnets in their sweat rug and stable front and hind legs protectors. These products are particularly beneficial for older horses, horses on stall rest, those spending prolonged periods in the stable, those that require a gradual warm-up, and even those undergoing intensive training. The magnets can be placed in specific locations to enhance blood circulation in targeted areas.

WeatherBeeta's Therapeutic Products

WeatherBeeta provides a wide range of therapeutic products, including their Therapy line that uses ceramic fabric technology to reflect the body's heat. This technology helps to enhance muscle function, reduce the risk of injury, and warm up the muscles. Furthermore, the Therapy-Tec line offers additional benefits such as:

WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec for Your Horse

WeatherBeeta offers a variety of products that can aid in enhancing blood circulation during training. This includes under bandages, headcollars, saddle pads, and bandages lined with ceramic fabric technology. Post-workout, using a sweat rug with or without a neck cover can reduce the likelihood of muscle soreness. Stable protectors can also be applied to your horse for maximum relaxation after training.
Even in colder temperatures, horses can benefit from the Therapy-Tec blanket, which includes options like the 50g or 220g outdoor rug. Additionally, the collection features a 220g fill stable rug to ensure your horse's well-being throughout the year.

WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec for Your Dog

The therapeutic dog blanket warms your dog's muscles before training or a long walk. Additionally, the dog blanket supports recovery, pain relief, and inflammation. It is highly suitable for dogs that prefer a lightweight and warm blanket.
We offer two different options in our collection of dog blankets. The basic one has therapeutic benefits, while the other is made with extra durable 1200D outer fabric. Both blankets feature an opening for attaching a leash to a harness, making them convenient.

Therapeutic Products from Back On Track

Back On Track offers the most extensive range of therapeutic items for both horses and riders. All of Back On Track's therapeutic products incorporate Welltex® technology, which helps stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, promote muscle relaxation, and improve cellular metabolism. This allows muscles to recover more quickly after exertion.

Back On Track Therapeutic Products for Your Horse

Our range of Back On Track offers an extensive selection of therapeutic items for your horse. Each product is infused with our exclusive Welltex® technology, from back warmers to saddle pads. Stimulate blood circulation in your horse's back with our back warmer and saddle pad. Enhance blood flow behind the ears with our ear bonnet and neck protector. You have options for your horse's legs, including fetlock boots, leg protectors, and tendon boots. Complete your training set with our dressage girth, which offers therapeutic benefits.

Consider using our therapeutic exercise blanket if you want a peaceful and gentle start and finish to your exercise routine. Our stable protectors and halter with therapeutic features are excellent options if you want to enhance blood circulation post-workout.
Give your horse the best with Back On Track's therapeutic products. Ensure comfort, recovery, and well-being every step of the way.

Back On Track Therapeutic Products for the Rider

After a workout, not only can your horse feel stiff, but your muscles can, too. To help with this, Back On Track has therapeutic products available for riders. You can use wrist, back, knee, or neck protectors with therapeutic effects to provide extra oxygen to stiff muscles in those areas. This will help break down lactic acid quicker and alleviate the sensation of stiffness.

Therapeutic products from Horseware: the Ice-Vibe

The Ice-Vibe by Horseware is a highly unique therapeutic boot that provides both cooling and vibrations. Horses with tendon injuries, swellings, and arthritis will particularly benefit from these therapeutic boots.

Therapeutic Products from Arma

The Arma brand distinguishes itself from others by not depending on the body's warmth but by offering external sources of warmth and coolness. The Hot/Cold Relief boots are incredibly distinctive because they allow for heating and cooling the gel packs.
The cold gel packs offer a cooling effect on your horse's legs, reducing swelling and inflammation and alleviating pain. The warm gel packs promote circulation, helping with muscle stiffness and joint issues.

When acquiring therapeutic products, consider your horse's specific needs. Are you curious to explore more therapeutic options?

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