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PharmaHorse Magnesium Multicolour

From € 19.95
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Magnesium Citrate contributes to a healthy muscle and nervous system and a relaxed horse.
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Colour Multicolour
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PharmaHorse Magnesium Multicolour
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  • important mineral for the muscle and nervous system, bones, water and energy management and metabolism
  • without flavourings or additives
  • to support the transfer of stimulus to the muscles
  • promotes muscle relaxation
  • for maintaining strong bones
  • 5 grams Magnesium Citrate contains approx. 800 mg Elementary Magnesium.

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Pharmahorse was established in 2009 by two families, one with a passion for horses and the other for nutritional supplements. The founders of Pharmahorse noticed that most supplements were full of unnecessary fillers and flavourings. The supplements at Pharmahorse are high-dosed and pure, which is one of the reasons why Pharmahorse distinguishes itself from other supplements. Pharmahorse supplements are of pharmaceutical quality without unnecessary fillers and flavourings. This is why many international riders are fans of Pharmahorse. All Pharmahorse products are of HGQ, Human grade quality, 100% sugar-free and guaranteed doping-free. Exceptions are the Pharmahorse RED products.

Pharmahorse supplements
Pharmahorse has various supplements such as linseed oil, MSM, glucosamine, magnesium, biotin, electrolytes and psyllium. Not only does Pharmahorse sell supplements for horses, but also for dogs and cats, Pharmahorse sells herbs and various bundles for immune system, tendons and muscles, hooves and joints and bones.

Pharmahorse RED products
The RED product line from Pharmahorse consists of devil's claw and valerian root. These two supplements are both on the FEI doping list. The Pharmahorse Devil's claw is traditionally used for joints, it comes from South African soil and the name is due to the claw shape of the plant. Devil's claw is the root of the plant that is dried and ground. Devil's claw therefore helps with joint function and aids digestion. Valerian root is a plant that comes from parts of Europe and Asia, the supplement is the dried root of the Valerian plant. Valerian root helps with inner peace, helps with mental effort and pressure and has a relaxing effect.
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Price includes 21% tax. Countries outside EU & UK tax free at checkout
Price includes 21% tax. Countries outside EU & UK tax free at checkout
PharmaHorse Magnesium Multicolour

PharmaHorse Magnesium Multicolour

€ 19.95
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