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Fly Veil Kentucky Glitter Soundless

€ 69.99
Very stylish fly veil from Kentucky, protects the ears against flies while riding and has elastic and soundproof neoprene ears with a perfect fit. The material around the horse's ears is stretchy and the neck piece is longer, to make the fly veil stay in place nicely.
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Fly Veil Kentucky Glitter Soundless
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  • stylish fly veil from Kentucky with an American look
  • protects the horse's ears from flies when riding
  • very chic look with pearls and sparkling border
  • hand-knitted for a longer life
  • fitted with elastic and soundproof ears with an excellent fit
  • the neck piece is longer than normal, this ensures that the earpiece stays in place and does not slip
  • machine washable at 30 degrees, do NOT tumbledry

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Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky is a brand specialising in animal friendly products. Their highest goal is to make products that are protecting and giving the highest comfort to your animal, whether it’s horses or dogs. And that’s of course not possible to do at the expense of other animals. So, they decided that all the materials used and all products created will be 100% animal friendy – not just for the animals that they will be used on, but for any animals that would otherwise maybe have to suffer for producing the items.

Artificial materials

All materials used by Kentucky for their products are extremely high quality, and can even be said to be better than the real deal! Not only are most artificial products easier to clean and maintain (think of washing a sheepskin pad or cleaning your leather tack) as they can be washed way more easily and often and need less care.
There’s three main materials that Kentucky makes use of are artificial sheepskin, synthetic rabbit skin and faux leather. Producing artificial wool is actually more costly than real wool, but is indistinguishable to real wool and is a lot easier to care for. The artificial rabbit skin, which is mostly used for rugs, prevents chafing, provides a beautiful shine to the coat and prevents hair from sticking to the rug. The little hairs of the rabbit fur also form little air bubbles to retain the body warmth of the horse, adding extra warmth. Fake leather is also very prominent in Kentucky’s products, and is incredibly durable, waterproof and extremely hard to damage or tear. It’s essentially looking like real leather, making it perfect to pair with any other of your tack, but you can easily clean it under water and you won’t have to worry about it getting wet, cracking or needing lots of oil, grease or other care. It’s also more lightweight and can even improve the performance of your horse!

The Kentucky range

Despite not being around for very long, Kentucky has already come out with some iconic, well-recognised and highly popular products. These include the Velvet saddle pads, which also come with matching baseball caps, fly veils or even dog collars. The range also includes lots of faux leather tack products, like girths for both dressage or all purpose and jumping or elegant halters. There’s also lots of different kinds of leg protection for every discipline and purpose – whether it’s dressage bandages, eventing brushing boots or tendon boots for jumping. Their rugs are also very well known, including coolers, stable rugs or fancy show rugs. You’ve most likely seen the Kentucky BIB chest guard before as well, which adds extra comfort to your rugged horse in the winter. If you want to give your horse some extra entertainment and fun in the stable, Kentucky also has some horse toys that you can hang in the stable!
But not only does Kentucky make Horsewear, they also have their own Kentucky Dogwear assortment. This ranges from collars and leashes to dog beds and rugs.

Shopping Kentucky at Epplejeck

All Kentucky products can easily, quickly and safely be ordered in our online shop. You can do so from the comfort of your own home, or while you're on the go, we're open 24/7. Your package will be send out within a few days of ordering. Not happy with your Kentucky items? Send them back to us within 60 days, no questions asked!

Fly Veil Kentucky Glitter Soundless

Fly Veil Kentucky Glitter Soundless

€ 69.99

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