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Guest blog Tech Stirrups: Safety at a top level, made in Italy

You’re riding your horse fully relaxed on long reins while cooling down. It’s nice and peaceful and you’re walking around the outside arena or the forest, lost in thoughts. But then suddenly, there’s an unexpected noise - your horse spooks. You try to act quick, to take the reins a bit shorter and to keep the horse calm. But still, your horse goes running and bucking. Even though you try your best to stay on, you end up falling off. But you feel your foot getting stuck in the stirrup and start to panic. Thankfully, you just got yourself a pair of Tech Stirrups though, and your foot easily comes free. You fall into the sand, quickly get up to catch your horse and get back on. Both of you are safe and sound.

A dangerous scenario that every equestrian has thought of and is scared of: falling of your horse and getting stuck in the stirrups. This would lead to you hanging next to your horse while bucking and running. A risk that you can avoid with the right safety stirrups, like those from Tech Stirrups. But what makes the Venice safety stirrups from Tech Stirrups so special, actually?

Tech Stirrups Venice – a safe stirrup

The Venice stirrups are equipped with a revolutionary safety mechanism. They are designed to make it easy to release your feet from the stirrups in a case of emergency or need. The stirrups have a moving part on the side, a clip. When the foot slides through the stirrup and puts pressure on the side, the clip opens. When the foot is completely out of the stirrup again, the clip closes automatically, which means that the stirrups can’t get stuck on anything else. The clip is attached to the sole and closes thanks to the locking special system with small magnets. This way, the clip stays closed while riding and only can open under a certain pressure. Another important feature of this system is that the stirrups can open almost 90 degrees. This means that your leg can also slide through the stirrups in case of a fall. It’s therefore almost impossible to get stuck in the stirrups.

The uniquely designed, patented pyramid profile on the footbed prevents build-up of mud and water, which would otherwise lead to less grip in the stirrups. Another special thing about Tech Stirrups is that every stirrup is made of a single piece of aluminium, making the stirrups very robust. Tech Stirrups stands for innovation and produces its stirrups in Italy, close to Bergamo. Therefore, all stirrups confirm to a high quality standard and all stirrups are also tested before they go into sale.

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