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Guestblog Pumps en Paarden: These are the trends for the winter

By now, the autumn/winter collection are available in all equestrian stores and online shops. Just like every year, you can find a lot of dark blue and black clothing, but this autumn also brings us a few fun new trend colours: lots of bordeaux and purple tints and lots of prints.

Together with the equestrian retailer Epplejeck, I'll show you the beautiful autumn/winter collection from Ariat in this blog post. All the trends are packed into this nice collection by Ariat 🙂

1. Click here to buy the jacket

2. Click here to buy the training shirt

3. Click here to buy the riding tights

4. Click here to buy the jodhpurs boots

The colours of autumn

It already started last year, but this year it's even more - lots of bordeaux and purple colours can be found in various collections. I for one am a fan! They are nice, warm colours that perfectly fit for autumn. Colourful but still very chique. The colours can easily be combiend with dark blue, but also look nice together with blacks and browns.

On the pictures above I'm wearing a lightweight bodywarmer with padding that keeps you nicely warm when it gets colder outside.

I'm also wearing the bordeaux red riding tights from Ariat. They are made of elastic fleece fabric, which makes it warm and stretchy. These tights also have 2 phone pockets on the hips (very handy!) and a full silicone seat.

While the 'Heritage IV Zip H2O' jodhpur boots may have a hard to say name, they are the perfect shoes for the winter time. Waterproof, with a soft foot bed and breathable lining - comfy, toasty and dry feet all winter long!

5. Click here to buy the training shirt

6. Click here to buy the training shirt

7. Click here to buy the winter jacket

A print here, a print there

Equestrian fashion is more and more featuring trends from 'normal', everyday fashion, including prints! Not only on saddle pads, but also on things like training shirts - such as in the new Ariat collecion. A super cool print, in my opinion, and so different to everything else you can usually find. And prints are also quite a good life hack: they help hide any little insecurities you might have 😉

I'm wearing the Lowell 2.0 training shirts on the pictures above. They are available in different colours and prints, which makes them perfect to mix and match. The fabric on the inside is warm and thick, ideal for colder weather. Thanks to the material, sweat is wicked quickly, keeping you warm and dry. Another big plus point are the thumb holes in the sleeves, helping keep your hands nice and warm.

Nice detail: the black winter jacket that I'm wearing on the pictures has the same print as one of the training shirt on the inside. The prints are a re-occuring theme in the Ariat collection, which I personally find super cool! The jacket is also super warm and wind- and waterproof.

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