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The 7 must-haves of the summer 2023 collections

Yeees, you can find all summer 2023 collections online and in our stores. Are you ready to try some new trends and colors with your horse? In this blog EJ'er Deborah tells you which must-haves should not be missing in your closet this summer.

The Summer 2023 Collections

As horse lovers, we are of course very happy that the days are getting longer again and the sun is shining more and more often for us to enjoy. Spring feelings are coming in, so it's time to fill your closet with all kinds of summer clothes for you and your horse! In this blog we will tell you all about must-haves you shouldn't miss in your closet this summer.


This year, Ariat does not only have very nice basics, but also super cute prints! Do you opt for the dots, snaffle bit print or the eye-catching floral print? What makes this collection special is that the outerwear is made from recycled material. Ariat is known for having the most functional and innovative items, which can be found in their new collection as well. With different shades of green, blue and purple, your new favorite training shirt is guaranteed to be part of the collection.


The Summer Song blue really stands out in this collection. Don't worry, if blue is not your favorite color. Besides the different shades of blue, you can also score the summer collection in pink, black, light green and gray. What is so nice about Cavallo, is that all the items for both horse and rider are easy to mix and match. So you do not have to search long for the perfect set for you and your horse.


Back to Basic with this year's euro-star collection. And honestly, a few great basic essentials should not be missing in your closet. The upper clothing is made of a very breathable fabric, so you can enjoy maximum comfort this summer. The color of this summer, pink, will make you feel like summer already. But you can also choose black, dark blue or light blue.


If you are looking for comfortable, yet sporty clothing then the summer collection from HV POLO is just right for you. The collection is nicely decorated with rhinestones for a more chic look. Did you know that the clothes can not only be worn in the saddle, but are also perfect for casual wear. The nice thing about HV POLO is that you can combine everything to create the perfect look for you and your horse.


It doesn't get more stylish than Pikeur's summer 2023 collection. The different items can be perfectly combined to create a cheerful and summery look. The purple is a real eye catcher and a must-have. Do you want a striking color but are not crazy about pink? The orange Tangelo color is highly recommended. Both bright colors go well with the light gray and black items from the collection.

PK International

Would you like to stand out among others? The PK International collection comes in a unique and cheerful print this year. Whether you go for the all over print or the logo print, you will definitely stand out! Which color is your favorite: bright purple, light green or dark blue? Ps: the socks have a matching all over print as well to make the set complete.

Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian

We all know, that Tommy Hilfiger offers beautiful clothing for casual wear, but did you also know that their equestrian clothing is just as beautiful? The items in this collection provide a high wearing comfort because they are made of soft material. In addition to the chic design, the clothing also has a fantastic artwork design. So you will not only enjoy wearing this in the stable but also just in everyday life. The collection comes in different shades of blue and pink, which can be perfectly combined with the black items.

Are you curious about the summer 2023 collections and can't wait to discover all items? Click below!

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