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Electrolytes, what are they for, and when to use them?

You have probably heard of electrolytes before, but do you actually know what electrolytes are? In this blog, we will explain everything about electrolytes, when to use them, and what their purpose is.

What are electrolytes for?

In the summer, horses tend to sweat more than usual during training and competitions. Sweating causes horses to lose fluids and body salts, known as electrolytes. As the weather gets warmer, the loss of fluids and body salts is higher. While horses replenish their fluid levels by drinking water, they need extra help to restore their salt levels. An ideal solution to help maintain the horse’s salt balance is, of course, electrolytes!

Tip: After strenuous training or a hot summer day, it is essential to check if your horse is not dehydrated. You can do this by pinching a piece of skin on their neck or shoulder between your thumb and forefinger and releasing it. The skin should immediately return to its normal position for a horse in good condition and well-hydrated. However, your horse might be dehydrated if the skin remains folded or returns slowly.

How do you restore your horse's salt level?

Using a salt lick can effectively increase your horse's salt level. However, the amount of salt your horse consumes through a salt lick can vary significantly and is difficult to regulate. This is because you cannot easily determine how often and for how long your horse licks it. To supplement your horse’s salt intake in a more controlled manner, you can give electrolytes as a supplement.

Different types of Electrolytes for horses

Powder Electrolytes Epplejeck
The powder is suitable for easy eaters and drinkers. You can mix 30 grams daily with feed or water during summer. It is convenient to take with you, and a 1 kg jar will last approximately a month! This electrolyte powder is dextrose-based, ensuring the excellent electrolyte absorption of electrolytes in your horse's body.


Liquid Electrolyte Epplejeck

In addition, we also offer liquid electrolytes in our Eppljeck range. We call this the liquid sports drink for horses! This is specifically designed for heavy exertion or high temperatures. The ideal thing about the liquid is that if your horse naturally drinks less, this stimulates its thirst so that they start drinking again more after training. You can also feed this by adding it to water, the feed or simply with a syringe in the mouth. With a 1 litre bottle, you will have enough for 40 days, costing you between €0.45 and €0.89 per day! The pink colour of the liquid is due to the presence of Vitamin B12.

If your horse is a particularly picky eater, you can mix the electrolytes with mash! Almost all horses love this, which also helps them get extra fluids.

Check out our complete assortment of electrolytes here:

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