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Guest blog Sprenger by JRS: what is the effect of spurs with smooth rowel?

Guest blog Sprenger by JRS: what is the effect of spurs with smooth rowel?

Do you want delicate communication with your horse? There are several different spurs on the market and each has its own effect. When you’re not used to them, rowelled spurs may look rough, but they’re actually very gentle.

The effect of a spur is different for each rider and horse, so we’ve made some guidelines to find the right one. In this blog, you’ll read more about the effects of spurs with smooth rowel.
It’s a fairly common occurrence that riders use their spurs because their horse isn’t forward going, but a spur will fix this for only a short while. After some time, the horse will get used to the spurs and will act the same way that it did with your normal leg aid. The only right reason to ride with spurs is to enhance your natural aids when riding. Do make sure though, that you have a calm and independent seat and check if it’s really necessary to ride your horse with spurs. 

The difference between knob end spurs and rowelled spurs
The main difference between a spur with a knob end and the one with a rowel is that the rowel rolls over the skin instead of ‘poking’ like a knob end would do. It’s very easy to test the impact of both spurs by rolling them over your arm. You will notice that the rowel feels much more comfortable than the knob end spur.

The effect of the rowelled spur
Because the spur rolls over the horse’s skin, the horse receives multiple small stimulations over a wider area. While giving a smaller aid with a smaller surface, it will give you the desired effect. The multiple soft contact moments can give a pleasant effect with the more phlegmatic horses.

Various types
The rowel spurs come in different shapes and sizes. JRS has spurs with vertical rowel like the Sprenger ULTRA FIT Extra Grip Smooth Rowelor spurs with a horizontal rowel like the Sprenger ULTRA FIT Extra Grip Comfort Roller. A vertically rowelled spur can be nice for a rider with a slightly restless leg because the rowel will roll away from the body when the rider shifts its leg. A horizontal rowel can be very nice for horses who have sensitive skin, it can prevent damaging of the coat. 

New in stock is the Sprenger ULTRA FIT Comfort Roller Super Soft which features a much thicker, almost round rowel for an even friendlier effect. All rowelled spurs are available in different lengths so you can match the right size spur with your leg length. 

For the rowel to roll smooth, it is important that you keep the rowel clean. Excess grease or loose hair can clog the rowel to such an extent that it stops rolling and will damage the skin. 

Next to the different shapes and sizes with extra grip, the new Sprenger ULTRA FIT Slimline model is available. This model is thinner which gives the spur an elegant and refined look. 

All Sprenger spurs are characterized by the “Balkenhol System”. Hereby the top slot of the spur strap is turned in a 45 degree to the front and the middle piece is pressed outwards. This gives the spur a solid fit without giving pressure on your foot or being too tight. All spurs, including the rowel, have a life-long guarantee against breaking

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